Personal Branding

Yesterday, for extra credit in my accounting class (which will take me from a B+ to an A-), I went to a lecture about, you guessed it, personal branding. The speaker, who lectured to the classroom full of people, Jeffery Cohen, is a new professor here at Ball State. When I say new, I mean, he’s only been here since January. Ball State was in search of someone who could teach marketing with great knowledge about social media and he apparently fit the role perfectly. I wasn’t expecting much about it, but to my surprise, it was a great lecture. I honestly took a lot out of it, especially since I am a blogger wanting to reach a larger audience.

Here’s what I mainly got out of his lecture:

  • Use your professional name

  • Start a blog, and blog about an industry in which you hope to be apart of some day

  • Use the same picture for all of your social media site

  • Use multiple social media sites

  • There is a purpose of Google+

  • Blogging once a week about one specific topic each week

At the end of the lecture, there was a section for questions. I should’ve asked about wanting to “brand” a alias, like Miss Tylee. I’d love to use both names, one professionally and one for hobby (tweeting, blogging, etc.) So, Jeff, if you happen to see this, a comment would be delightful.

Google Jeffery L. Cohen and you could potentially learn a little more about personal branding and getting yourself and your blog out there a little better. Enjoy your day.


Changing Myself

For the past month and a half or so, I could see myself growing. By growing I mean, I noticed my stomach stretching out a little further, my thighs rubbed together a little more, the area under my chin became a little larger, and all my clothes were fitting a little tighter. Finally, I started cutting back the amount of soda I drank, but I was still getting bigger. And finally, about two weeks ago, I decided something really needed to change, or I was going to keep expanding. I had been becoming  more self conscious by the second. I would look at myself in the mirror, fight back tears, and think about how disgusting I was beginning to look. I put my foot down and I realized there would be no more. I needed to change myself.

It was the evening of Monday, March 3, 2014 that I finally realized I needed to change my eating and exercise habits. Just then, I decided I was going to go down to our small workout facility within our building to put in a mile worth of elliptical time. It took me almost 13 minutes to finish that mile. I understand ellipticals take a little longer to complete a certain distance than just running it, but I used to run a 10 minute mile. It was needless to say, I wanted to start exercising more. After I finished my cardio, I sat down on the mats to stretch, and staring me right in the eyes was the scale located right beside the water fountain. Curiosity struck me, instantly.

At the conclusion of my stretching, I worked up enough courage to step on the scale. It felt like hours as the digital numbers were processing my weight. Finally, a number I never hoped to see popped up. 146.7. To some, that may not seem like a lot, but that’s over 20 pounds that I had accumulated over the course of a year. Which is something I wasn’t okay with. After looking at that number for at least three minutes, which felt like an hour, I walked back up to my room and broke down. I bawled for a good half an hour while eating carrots. I realized, it was going to take more than a little cardio to help me kick this weight. I needed to start dieting too.

After my sulking began to die down, I texted one of my best friends who still go to high school and told her everything that was going on with my health. She’s always been a major influence to my healthy choices. She’d been there encouraging me the first time I gave up soft drinks and I knew she would be all for me changing everything. She told me that I needed to start with baby steps, start exercising, make small healthier choices one by one until finally you’re where you want to be. I told her my plan:

  • No more soft drinks.

  • Daily cardio.

  • Cut back calories.

  • Fruits and vegetables at every meal.

  • Breakfast everyday.

  • Red meat only once per week.

  • Record everything.

  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

She was incredibly supportive. The only thing she suggested was to not over fill my plate by trying to cut back all at once.

I took about an hour to record all the food I had consumed over the course of the day… Counting the calories and searching for nutrition facts of everything. I had consumed over 2500 calories that Monday. Then I wanted to find something to help keep me on track to eating a smaller amount of calories. I did a lot of googling.

I stumbled onto, and downloaded the app to my iPhone as well. It asked for my height, weight, and goals. It told me I should be consuming only 1200 net calories, which means I’m allotted more when I burn more calories.

I started my expedition on Tuesday. Since then, I’ve not had a single soda, and last Thursday was the first time that I’ve drank something other than water. I’ve not exceeded 1500 calories in one day. I didn’t do any cardio over spring break, but I’m resuming the cardio today. And most of the time, I’ve succeeded at hitting my goals.

Everyday, I wake up. Lift my shirt to right under my bra, flex my abdominal muscles, and check out my stomach. Yesterday, was the first time I noticed those lines that show the separation between your obliques and abs for a very long time. I was incredibly happy all day because of it. I was planning on weighing myself again to compare, but I didn’t have time. It’s on my agenda for today.

If no one else is proud of me, at least I’m proud of myself. If you want something, go after it. If you don’t like how something appears, change it. It’s simple. And always aim to better yourself. Change yourself. Become who you want to be.

My Challenge To You

Yesterday, the first day of March, I begun my 100 Happy Days Challenge. I learned about it from one of my friends and I want to pass this challenge on to you…

It’s a photo challenge, lasting for 100 days (you probably could’ve guessed that). Everyday of the challenge, you post your picture of whatever made you happy in the course of the day to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email (to keep it private). When you have successfully complete the 100 days, in return they will offer you a book filled with the 100 pictures submitted. Those who completed the challenge found that they better notice the things that make them happy and are more happy in general.


Simply go to for more information. All you have to do to begin the challenge is tell them your name, gender, location, email, and set a start date. They’ll ask you a few additional questions, and then you can be on your way.

If I successfully manage my 100 days, I may turn my challenge into a total year. How awesome would that be?

Challenge yourself. Be happy.

What I Suggest you Want and What You Don’t

About a year ago, I was doing the exact same as many high school seniors are right now… Sending in my enrollment confirmation and looking forward to the college life. I was planning out my intentional four years, looking up ideas on how to decorate my dorm room, and so on and so forth. And of course, if you have no older siblings in college or anyone to truly give you a guide of what you need, you’ve looked up a packing list or two or three or four or you get the idea for what you’ll need for dorm life. So here’s my list of the top five things I bought that everyone should and why…

5. My LARGE Desk Calendar…

OH MY GOD! This is incredibly handy. It’ll help keep you in line over the course of the school year. If you get the right one, it’ll be big enough for you to write down when all your assignments are do, times and places that your meetings are, special events, etc. etc. At the beginning of every month, I take about an hour and fill out the entire calendar for that month. It’s so nice. Definitely one of my best purchases.

4. A Fan

This will come in handy especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your room. It will create an airflow through your room and cool you off. Box fans are particularly better because you can usually set them in your window seal, but standing fans are definitely nice too, which is what I use.

3. Lap Desk

Especially for people who don’t enjoy sitting at their desk to do homework. It’s incredibly handy for when you’re writing, using your laptop when it gets super hot, high lighting, etc. 

2. Clothes Hamper on Wheels

I never realized how much hassle I’ve saved myself, but everyone always says they wish they had a laundry basket like mine. Just straight up buy one with wheels. The only way it could inconvenience you, is if you absolutely have to walk down stairs with it. Laundry gets heavy and you won’t want to carry it.

1. Bed Risers

I went the entire first semester without these gems, and they are my biggest regret. They’re cheap (usually like $8), and they create so much more storage space under your bed, because dorm bets generally sit fairly low to the ground. They are incredibly nice.

Since I told you the top five things that have saved my butt this semester, I’ll let you in on some stuff you really don’t need too… And I’ll just list them, no fancy explanations…

1. Robe

2. Tupperware

3. Food (I’ll explain this one… I have a dinning plan that allows me to get more food than I really need. Just buy some extra snacks to keep around with your dining plan. I still have stuff in my room that I bough in July for school. Or you’ll be too busy to eat in your room. If you’re finding that you’re wanting food but don’t have it. Go buy yourself some small snacks from Walmart.)

4. Printer

5. DVDs

6. Comfy Chair

Ethical Reminder

In my ISOM 125 class the other day, we had a lecture about business ethics. (ISOM 125’s real name is Micro Apps for Business, which is a combination of the broad business operations subjects and computer applications like everyone had to take in high school.) The same class period we also had to recreate a memo, so as I got a jump start on my memo, I kept one ear on the lecture my professor was giving. Towards the end of the ethics part of the lecture, he gave a kind word to my class and I that I wanted to share with you…

He said something along the lines of… Don’t do something you don’t believe in, and when he said that he meant in every aspect. An example he gave us was, don’t invest in a company that funds the process of making tobacco products if you are against smoking. Then as his lecture conclusion continued he told us that he didn’t want us to wake up one day wondering why we did something that we never originally wanted to do. And so on…

So, as a friendly reminder, before you make a decision, whether it be a fiscal decision or a major life decision or even such a simple decision of making your bed or not… Remember to think about what you’re doing before you do it.

Looking for a Change

Lately, I’ve been thinking of adding new habits into my schedule. But I’m one of those people who do it for a day or two then stop after forgetting to do it once, because I realize it’s easier not to do it than to do it once I remember I forgot the first time. I just wish I could find the motivation to do it.

I need motivation. I need encouragement. I need someone to push me. Or I need to learn to push myself. Like pronto…

I’d love to start:

  • working out, at least five days a week

  • eating healthier

  • drinking more water

  • dressing up on the daily

  • wearing makeup everyday

  • going to sleep by midnight

  • waking up by 8:00

  • finishing my homework the day it’s assigned

  • making a to do list for everyday

  • reading my reading assignments

  • cleaning my room weekly, top to bottom

  • doing all my laundry weekly

  • eating breakfast

  • stretching daily

  • reading books leisurely

  • a hobby

  • saving more money

  • looking for a summer job

  • blogging weekly, or more

  • spending more time in the library

  • brushing my teeth twice a day

  • washing and moisturizing my face daily

  • smiling at strangers after making eye contact

  • reading the news/headlines

  • giving family Facebook updates

  • making my bed

This list is currently in a state of “to be continued…” But, my dear readers, if you have any words of encouragement or suggestions in how to incorporate these things into my schedule better, please do share. I’d love it. I’d also enjoy hearing the habits you want to start.

And just a quick statement of truth, it only takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

“If you get through this…”

The other day I was struggling to do some homework and I said to myself, “If you get through this… You’ll get to have a real job.. And have real kids… And have a real husband.. and have a real life how you want…”

I got to thinking more about how I always push myself to do something for what will come next after it. All throughout high school I told myself…

“If you get through this you’ll get to be a sophomore and you won’t have to have English with Mr. Elliot anymore.”

“If you get through this you can go home and eat.”

“If you get through today you can go home and sleep for the rest of the day.”

“If you get through these 5 500s, you get to taper.”

“If you get through this speech you can become a senior.”

“If you get through these college applications you can go to college.”

“If you get through this 10 page paper, you can graduate and go to college.”

“If you get through today at school, you can go to college.”

“If you through this book, you can go to college.”

Eventually everything I did was to get to college… But now I’m in college, and next comes real life. With a real job. And real kids. And a real husband. But I can’t help but think to myself… What’s going to get me through the difficult things when I get there? I realize it’s going to be beautiful… Watching my kids grow up and what not. But after you get thrown out into the real work, and have kids and get married and have a real job.. is death. But then that’s it. It’s over. You only have one life and if I keep pushing myself through one thing just to get to another… It’s going to be rough once I get to a point when I have nothing else to look forward to.

Update… AGAIN

So, I kind of realize it’s been nearly two and a half months since the last time I’ve posted any content that I’ve created myself, and I believe it is safe to say I’ve kind of given up on blogging. NOT BY MY CHOICE. I’ve gotten busy and I really miss it… Although, I’ve not been doing much of anything. Seriously… But here’s what’s up:

  • I have one last day of classes and three days of finals (one each day) and I am done with my first semester of college. EXCITING SHIT RIGHT THERE.

  • I do not want to live at home for the next three weeks after this semester. My mother is going to drive me nuts.

  • I have declared a major… Well, an area. I am currently pre-business.

  • I’ve decided I should probably give more shits about next semester than I did this semester since my grades are not exactly where I wanted them to be and I literally did next to nothing for the past like 15 weeks.

  • I have recently realized how hard it is to not have any money. Like seriously I live off of mom and dad.

  • I got the opportunity to kiss a very gorgeous frat boy who lives in Florida… BUT I didn’t because….

  • I HAVE THE MOST AMAZING BOYFRIEND of almost two months. And I know he’ll read this so I have to say he’s amazing. Lawl. But it’s okay, because it’s true. I’m sure I’ll post again just about him sometime soon. 🙂

  • I’m going home  with him this weekend to meet his family. I’m trying not to freak out.

  • I have a new roommate, my bff, Julianna. I love having her here. I wish I could’ve lived with her from the beginning.

  • I officially have a woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

And that’s about it for right now. Nothing too exciting. Thanks for reading. I’ve missed you.

Marriage Isn’t For You

This simply melted my heart… Made me rethink how I feel and act about love.

Seth Adam Smith

Having been married only a year and a half, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that marriage isn’t for me.

Now before you start making assumptions, keep reading.

I met my wife in high school when we were 15 years old. We were friends for ten years until…until we decided no longer wanted to be just friends. 🙂 I strongly recommend that best friends fall in love. Good times will be had by all.

Nevertheless, falling in love with my best friend did not prevent me from having certain fears and anxieties about getting married. The nearer Kim and I approached the decision to marry, the more I was filled with a paralyzing fear. Was I ready? Was I making the right choice? Was Kim the right person to marry? Would she make me happy?

Then, one fateful night, I shared these thoughts and concerns with my dad.

Perhaps each…

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Spring Rush?

As you may have picked up from my previous posts, I’m a freshman in college. This is my first semester being away from home and being at Ball State. And at Ball State September 12-16 is Fall Rush Week. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is where girls get more acquainted with sororities and sororities with the girls and then bidding happens and then the girls pledge a sorority.

Yesterday, I was down in the lobby when all the girls were coming back with their brand new sorority shirts and bags and they were extremely happy. Then again today, with the same glow added to their look, they strutted around campus in their Greek shirts. And seeing this made me wish I would’ve rushed.

And earlier this evening, I was talking with a group of girls from my floor, one being Rachel, a new pledge to Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi was the sorority I was most closely looking at this summer when I was debating whether or not I was going to rush. I had mentioned slightly regretting not rushing and nearly as soon as I got those words out of my mouth she jetted out “spring rush.”

Now, I’m debating about spring rushing…. Any suggestions or comments? Please. I’m so torn about it.